Bogdan Gabudeanu

Bogdan started his career 1981 as geologist engineer in one of the biggest prospection and exploration companies for natural deposits.

He stepped quickly to the next level as senior researcher at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics where he had been developing scientific laboratory work for preparation of studies, geological processes, including theoretical, the develop a methodology for evaluation and potential employment in accordance with international criteria.

Bogdan represented Romania several times in the European United Nations Economic Commission of the United Nations having as result the UN classification for resources / reserves of useful minerals.

Bogdan’s most prolific proffesional period was as president of the Romanian National Agency for Mineral Resources – Authority operating under the Romanian Government. In his period as chairman, the Authority has adopted 16 important regulations on mineral resources, still in place and operating today as well as it contributed to the 71 Government decisions in the mineral field.

As a geologist consultant for private companies both domestic and international, he prepared studies and documentations for exploration, mining and environmental protection.

His qualification and experience recommend him as expert for geologic and environment studies of all kind: conducting field and laboratory works for geological expertise, technical and techno-economic mining and petroleum operations, closure of mines / quarries, execution, management / coordination and expertise related to mineral resources exploitation works, through mining and petroleum operations, and in the environment related activities.