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address: 4701 Admiral Way SW #6, Seattle, Washington 98116
tel: +1 206 355 5900
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Since 1981 Mr. Smith was the founder of Century Petroleum Inc. the Company, drilling over 50 successful oil and gas wells in the first two years of operation. CPI was immediately purchased by Murray oil Inc., with and gas rights to over 3,000 acres in Okfuskee County, Oklahoma.

Mr. Smith possesses a unique understanding of international petroleum oil and gas contract negotiations. Mr. Smith in the last 10 years has worked as the executive operational officer with Malabu Oil & Gas a major West African company. Working directly with minister of petroleum, Daniel Etete.

This opportunity gave access to the Caspian Sea region and companies and governmental offices to participate in various wells and fields from major oil and gas operators.

Most of the oil and gas field in the former Soviet were drilled with 1930’s technology with no down-hole . Smith negotiated over 500 contractual agreements for the purchase of crude oil. Oil wells in Azerbaijan through it’s State Oil company of the Azerbaijan Republic SOCAR has many fields that need such down-hole technology

Mr. Smith has vast oil and gas experience in Asia, South America, Africa and Russia.

All of these elements, combined with knowledge of complementary processes, will undoubtedly serve as extensions of the state of the art technologies that will be implemented to increase the recoverable reserve base relating to properties to be developed.

Mr. Smith has a Bachelor of Science degree and Law Degree in International law.

Business Experience:

1981 – 2005

Private financier, founder and principal to oil and gas companies and international ventures. These companies include Century Petroleum Inc., Consolidated Resources Inc., DFS/ ETSCO Ltd., INI Systems, Malabu Oil and Gas, Murray Petroleum, PetroGates Inc., Zartron Exports.

Century Petroleum Corp. – Owner Oil & Gas company original based in Duncan, Oklahoma. Oil & gas production, involved with water floods of existing wells, drilling over 50 success wells company operations including acquisition and evaluations of over 7,000 acres oil and gas properties, Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas. Century Petroleum sold to Murray Petroleum in 1983.

Consolidated Resources Inc. - Vancouver Stock Exchange listed Company based in Vancouver, Canada. Served on advisory board and principal shareholder. The Company was initially involved with oil and gas leases with properties in the Gulf of Mexico and Bay of Biscayne, offshore drilling projects.

DFS/Etsco Ltd. - Privately owned company based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 2001 contracted to provide diesel sales of 35,000 barrels per month to PetroFac for the pumping stations being built for the BTC Baku, Tbilisi, Ceyhan pipeline. The company purchase 5,000 metric ton per month from Turkmenistan. The company acquired tankage and storage terminal with eight fuel trucks. The Company has sales contracts with the UN and diplomatic offices in Georgia and the region.