Heinz Haenes


  • Area: Germany
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address: Fischerhüttenstr. 64, 14163 Berlin, Germany
tel: 0049 (0) 171 855 351
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Heinz startedhis career in 1978 as junior assistant of the CEO of a fashion retail shop company, for young generation, with branches in Germany, Belgium and France. He proved to be a very ambitious manager and he climbed very fast becoming the CFO of the company. As board member of the company he helped developing a new successful trademark for the company.

After many years experience Heinz took the challenge and invested in a new textile factory, based in Paris. The business grew very fast and he sold his shares developing after a new one, in the same field in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Returning to Europe, 2000 he started developing a business in hotel field by acquiring, refurbishing and reopening of hotels in the former part of GDR, acting as CEO of a 5 hotel net.

Heinz has the ability to identify new business ideas and find the way to make them work, being a very valuable “creator” of our addValue team.