Simon E.H. Lovegrove


  • Area: U.K.
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address: Flat 1, 35 Aylesford Street, London SW1V 3RY
tel: +447887 508475
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CEO of M Health Limited, a firm that develops and manages hospitals, mainly in emerging countries. Their strategy is to reverse the flow of people who travel from those countries to other countries, with high reputation of care, by providing the highest quality hospitals and service in the host countries within which M Health operate.
Simon has over 30 years of experience of health care projects and related activities in the public and private sectors in the UK, Europe, and increasingly in the Middle and Far East and Africa.
 The essence of this work has been to distil the best of what is available, from a range of countries, and adapt, or assess its application to another country's healthcare culture, particularly the effect of planning on the delivery of cost effective care and working with innovative ideas and staff training programmes 
Major areas of expertise:

  • · Macro Health Care planning with special emphasis on the potential for greater co-operation between public and private sectors
  • · Acute hospitals, particularly the private sector
  • · Prevention programmes in emerging markets that can utilise IT and other resources that acknowledge the scarcity of medical professionals
  • · Assisted living and care of the elderly
  • · Increasing emphasis on training of staff including cliniucal staff

► Simon’s main skills include:

  • · Project definition leading to business and financial planning, the creation, briefing and direction of design and other teams members for new projects.
  • · Building and leading teams (design, construction, medical equipment and operational) to implement complex healthcare and other projects
  • · Procuring the range of disciplines necessary to define and deliver cost-effective projects.